Sam Nattress

Writer for Sustainability Startups

About Me

If you’re working towards greater environmental sustainability, I think your message deserves to be heard.

Your offer and the ideas behind it - no matter how complex - need to be understood. And your vision must inspire action.

That’s where I come in. I bring to life in writing the ideas of sustainability startups.

Sample Client Work

Carbon Minds

Writing with a data science startup in the chemical industry.

Social Media I work hand in hand with the content creation team for the Carbon Minds LinkedIn page. I contribute scripts and storylines for videos and PDF slide presentations, content curation posts, and content marketing posts.

Web Copy I wrote and update the copy on the Carbon Minds website, in close collaboration with the startup founders.

Internal Documentation When internal documentation needs to be clear and concise, I tidy it up.

Prize Applications Carbon Minds won a startup prize with the application we wrote.

Other Experience

Writing and Teaching

Creation and Communication

Previous work and projects that round out my copywriting skills

Article Writing I’ve written articles for sustainability startups like the world-changing Reforestum, scientific communities like The Biomimicry Institute and I’ve published on sustainability startups in Medium’s most subscribed publication, The Startup here, here and again here.

Teaching I taught English as a foreign language for 3 years in France and 3 in Italy. Striving to eliminate the phrase “because that’s just what we say” from my teaching vocabulary made me a deeper thinker, a more coherent communicator and no less of a maddeningly fastidious teacher.

Fiction and Poetry From scribbles that will never leave my notepad to published works of flash fiction, I’m always spewing ink in pursuit of a good turn of phrase.


University of Cambridge

BA French and Italian

2008 - 2012

When I think back on my time at Cambridge, I realise that the languages I studied have little to do with the most important things I learnt there: how to listen to the slowest speakers, who quietly opened my eyes; how to study what I loved, and leave the rest in the library; the joy of trying to condense a greater thinker’s entire opus into a 2000 word essay; the satisfaction of finding resonance in poetry other people write off as “not as good as Baudelaire”; and how the most interesting conversations often come from music students, whose job it is listen very carefully to everything and then try to produce something beautiful.

A Little More About Me

When I’m not writing, I might be:

  • Hiking and climbing
  • Volunteering at the dog shelter or fostering a homeless pup
  • Reading (the diet to writing’s exercise)
  • Learning how to build things like this website